Portable Mattress

A perfect and comfortable mattress can guarantee you will have a goodnight. If you are looking for this kind of mattress, then portable mattress is your desired product.

I prudently recommend the best portable mattress generator for you, which I hope will help you a lot.

So don’t hesitate for a minute and get portable mattress.

Best Quality Portable Mattress

LUCID® by LinenSpa 10 Memory Foam Mattress - 100% CertiPUR Foam - 25-Year Warranty

The FeelThis mattress has a medium-firm feel because the thicker comfort layer makes this mattress feel softer than our 6 or 8 mattresses. The 2.5 memory foam comfort layer will cradle your body and relieve pressure points so you wake up well rested.

Consumer Guide
  • “This mattress is firm yet very comfortable.” – SKJEP
  • “She loves it and says how comfortable it is all the time and that she gets the best night’s sleep ever!” – Tonya Hawkins
  • “The odor, when you first open the mattress does smell like latex, but it does go away.” – rachelb83

LUCID® by Linenspa 3 Folding Memory Foam Portable Mattress 3-Year Warranty

Easy to Store and TransportGive your guest the courtesy of a nice bed without having to store an extra one in your home. This mattress gives the best of convenience at a price that makes sense.

Product Reviews
  • “The quality of the matress meets my expectations.” – Linda A. Carmichael
  • “I did a lot of research on which sleeping arrangement would work the best for us and be the best deal.” – jtinoco
  • “Hopefully the stink will be completely gone in a few more days.” – Erik Smith

LUCID® by Linenspa 4 Folding Foam Mattress + Sofa Style Floor Chair Perfect For Camping - 3-Year Warranty

Easy to Transport This unique 4 convertible mattress is great for small spaces, making it ideal for camping, guests, or dorms. This trifold portable design allows you to bring the comforts of Lucid wherever you go.

Product Research
  • “A single twin sheet set fits fine (with or without the topper).” – Mark Gentzel
  • “I laid both next to each other and covered with a king mattress pad — perfect!” – Terry Wright
  • “This one is not by any means hard, but, it is not soft like a fluffy-wuffy bag of goose down either.” – P. STEWART

LUCID by LinenSpa 8 Memory Foam Firm Viscoelastic Mattress 25-Year Warranty, Twin

The FeelThis mattress has a firm feel, making it ideal for those who currently wake up with sleeping pains and need extra support.Lucid’s Memory Foam FormulaLucid makes all of their foam using open cell construction.

Product Comparisons
  • “Very comfortable to sleep on provided that you like a very, very firm mattress.” – David W. Conant
  • “All in all, I give this mattress a very high recommendation.” – BLH
  • “There was a bad smell but it went away in a couple of days.” – prody

LUCID® by LinenSpa 12 Plush Triple-Layer Memory Foam Mattress 25-Year Warranty, Queen

The FeelThis 12 mattress has a medium feel. Not too firm and not too plush, this mattress will please any Goldilocks with a just right feel.Dual Memory Foam LayersExperience deep down support with the dual memory foam layers that will make sure you won’t bottom out.

Product Reviews
  • “Firm enough to give support, but soft enough to be comfortable.” – Leo
  • “Having slept on the bed now for a couple weeks, I can say its one of the most comfortable beds I ever slept on.” – DZTT
  • “Did smell like chemicals at first but has gone away in less then a week.” – Kathryn L. Namey

LUCID® by LinenSpa 10 Latex Foam Mattress 25-Year Warranty

The FeelThis latex mattress has a medium-plush feel making it a great choice for those wanting a softer sleeping experience. Designed in the U.S.

Expert Advice
  • “It’s nice and firm but not too firm.” – butterfly76
  • “Anyway, I do recommend this mattress. .” – KNCS
  • “I only wish I could attach the photos to this review!!” – MMCN

14 LUCID by LinenSpa Cashmere Covered Firm 5.3lb Ventilated Memory Foam Triple-Layer Viscoelastic Mattress 25-Year Warranty, Full

The FeelThis mattress has a medium-plush feel, leaning more towards the firm side. Designed in the U.S.

Consumer Reports
  • “It is very firm and supports your body but it feels like you sink in just enough.” – Parducci
  • “I can honestly say I had the best night’s sleep in years on this mattress.” – Gary Gray
  • “You won’t go wrong with this mattress!” – dwest

Kid's Portable Inflatable Blue Air Bed Mattress

Great for slumber parties, sleepovers or just plain fun! Our inflatable Intex blow up inflatable air bed is perfect for camping in outdoors also.

Memory Foam Folding Guest Bed Mattress - MEDIUM

The MemorRest Memory Foam Folding Bed measures 38? wide x 78? Long x 4? high. This is a fold away bed to get excited about!  This memory foam extra bed brings your guests the same memory foam comfort as the nationally advertised Tempur Pedic® mattresses.

Sleep Master - Fold Away Memory Foam Guest Bed(4 MF Mattress + 18 Frame) Bonus Storage Bag
Sleep Master

Comfort We have all been there, you have a guest coming into town and you have no where for them to sleep. We have a solution you and your guest will love.

Buyers Guide
  • “I would buy it to use for guest!” – chrystal Tyson
  • “It was not too heavy, and unpacking was easy, too.” – A. F.
  • “The mattress looks very durable and it sits in a protective cover with a zipper encase you want to clean it or add anything like a topper.” – Roger Ghaly

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